Meet Gabrielle, the girl behind the meep:

An internationally ranked powerlifter known for her lifting faces, Gabrielle is the creator of Meep Squad, holds 3 USAPL National Records, 1 USPA National Record, and was named the overall USAPL Jr. National Champion in 2016 and 2017. She is the #1 strongest 63kg jr. lifter of all time in the USAPL.

Gabrielle started lifting in high school as one of only 2 women in her weight training class. Her internal drive to compete started as she would match the lifts of male classmates at similar bodyweight. In college, Gabrielle got a unique start into competitive powerlifting after posting a deadlift PR to Reddit.com. At the age of 19, she was informed that her deadlift was high enough to break teen National records. She signed up for her 1st official meet that summer and ended up taking 4 USPA National records. After her 1st powerlifting meet, Gabrielle became hooked on the sport. In 2016 she competed in the Arnold Sports Festival and broke the 57kg jr. deadlift World Record. Since then, she has taken National records in both the 57kg and 63kg weight classes. Gabrielle was self coached up until the summer of 2017, when she started working with Mike Tuchscherer (RTS).

Training Philosophy

Effective movement is the key to displaying strength. Gabrielle heavily utilizes corrective compound movements in her training to encourage optimal bar path and muscle stability. This is key so that force is able to be directed efficiently and not lost in directions that won’t help move the weight or that might injure the lifter. Once a lifter is moving effectively, their strength will be able to shine through and grow at a pace only limited by their muscle growth rate.

Volume is the driver of muscle growth. Gabrielle aims to keep volume high during muscle building phases, while still allowing the lifter to recover well. Set difficulty is tracked each workout to limit burnout, because when recovery is hindered so is the persons ability to do volume and progress.

Each lifter is different. What works for one person may not work for you. Gabrielle will work with you to find what volume, frequency and positioning works best for YOU.

Quick Facts About Gabrielle:

  • Works training horses and giving riding lessons
  • George Mason University Powerlifting Club Coach
  • Bachelors degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry, graduating cum laude
  • Best Wilks: 478
  • Won 2 silver and a bronze medal at IPF Classic World Championship 2017
  • National Records in Deadlift (57kg + 63kg) and Total (63kg)
  • Previous World Record in Deadlift, National Record in Squat